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Fjällräven Classic Sweden Hikeprep

Are you also eager to get your hands on a coveted ticket for the Fjälräven Classic Sweden 2022? The ticket sale will start at the end of January 2022. February 2022 the official Fjällräven Classic Hikeprep will start! Do you also want to start this trek well prepared, hike fit & stress-resistant, receive the latest updates of the Fjällräven Classic and indulge in anticipation? Keep an eye on this page for Rayu’s Fjällräven Classic Hikeprep in collaboration with Fjällräven!

RAYU in collaboration with Fjällräven

Hikeprep for
FjÄllrÄven Classic Sweden


The Fjällräven Classic Hikeprep is an all-round preparation program for the Fjällräven Classic Sweden in August 2022. You’ll follow weekly online physical training, monthly workshops about the right gear for this trail, outdoor nutrition, sleeping outside & stress management and you stay informed of all news and tips & tricks about the Classic in the community via an app.


After registration, you will have direct access to the app & the community. You can start with the weekly online & live training sessions and you can start training on demand. You can also browse through various videos about gear, sleeping, posture, etc. At the end of the month you’ll follow live workshops about your preparation for the Fjällräven Classic. Through the community you can stay informed about the special events, the workshops & workouts and the latest news about the Fjällräven Classic, you’ll find all the links to the classes and live events and meet other hikers who will hike the Classic.

What to expect?


Follow weekly online and live smallgroup training! All you need is your backpack and 2 square meters and we can get started! We do this in small groups, for a personal approach; personal instructions and to learn from each other!


Monthly you’ll follow live workshops about the Fjällräven Classic: Every month a different theme. What do you need to know about the trail? How do you prepare mentally for it? What items do you take and don’t take with you, what do you do with your food, how do you purify water and where do you place your tent?


Connect with fellow hikers, stay informed of the latest Fjällräven Classic news, check the exercises online and know when the next workshop is coming up! That and more… you’ll find it in the RAYU Fjällräven Classic Hikeprep Community!


Would you rather spend less time on social media, but you don’t want to miss any news about the Fjällräven Classic, the exercises and the ultimate preparation? Check in to Rayu’s Fjällräven Classic app! After registration you get direct access to the community that you can also easily follow on your phone through the app; everything you need for your preparation in one place!


About the TRAIL

It started in 2005; Fjällräven founder Ake Nordin wanted to inspire people to get outside, experience the freedom and be inspired by the impressive Swedish vistas. Some people have a threshold to go out, even though they would like to: that’s what the Fjällräven Classic is for. It is an easy route for advanced hikers, but the novice hiker usually finds it difficult. But…with ideal preparation, it is still achievable. The trek has now become a real classic and there are variations in six countries around the world.


Register for the preparation for the Fjällräven Classic Sweden for € 65,- per month! That includes all workouts, workshops, community & app and updates!

Your subscription runs until the Fjällräven Classic Sweden 2022. Monthly cancellation is possible.

Frequently asked questions

No that is not necessary. Even if you only plan to participate, in 2022 or in the future,  and want to learn more about the Fjällräven Classic, you are welcome to join.

The Fjällräven Classic is an excellent hike for the novice hiker, if well prepared. That is why you can also participate in the hikeprep program without any hiking experience.

The topics of the workshops:

# Gear up!

What gear do you need for the Fjällräven Classic and what not? How do you pack? How do you make choices?

# Head above Water

What do you take with you for your ‘kitchen’ and ‘bathroom’, and what do you do with your water supply & water purification?

# Sleep Tight

Where and how do you place your tent? How can you sleep better in unfamiliar places?

# Food for Thought

What food supply do you need for the Fjällräven Classic? All about energy management; what do you need? 

#From Stress to Strength

Hiking with resilience: how do you deal with stressful situations on the trail?

#Buckle up!

Summary; we pull everything together and go through the final stuff. For example, how do you pack your backpack and take care of your feet on the road?

Sure! With the weekly workouts, the instructions and plans in the community you can really improve your fitness. Because the training sessions take place in small groups, the quality remains high and you always receive personal instructions. You can also ask all your questions in the community and watch the exercises again on video.

This ofcourse depends on your medical condition/injury, but with approval of the GP you can consult with the head trainer to see how we can make your preparation process as optimal as possible. It is often doable to work around a (temporary) injury. 

Participation in the training classes and workshops is voluntary, but if you want to make the most of your preparation and be well prepared at the start, maximum participation is certainly desirable. 

You register for a monthly contribution until August 2022. This ends automatically. Early termination is possible with a notice period of 1 month. Example: canceling as of mid-April – for whatever reason – means that the contribution for May will be your last month. Your participation in the training courses, workshops, events & community will then end on 31 May.

Hikeprep is the abbreviation for hike preparation: in other words, the preparation of your hike, your trek. It is about everything it takes to tread the paths as resilient as possible. Physically fit, resistant for the outdoors & with excellent equipment!

Rayu is specialized in preparing hikers for their trek, physically, mentally and with the right equipment. You learn skills for life and you are trained by a trainer qualified for the prep program.
In addition, the Fjällräven Classic Hikeprep is in collaboration with Fjällräven itself.

Understandable! Rayu is happy to explain the details and discuss your options with you. You can do this by email:
Click here

In a


  • Weekly live workouts (online)
  • Monthly workshops
  • Community to ask all your questions, to stay informed about all the news about the Classic trek, the workshops, the events
  • The community can be found in the app and online. You will receive immediate access when your registration has been processed.
  • The workouts take place online and live with a maximum group size of 20 participants
  • The workshops take place online and live
  • The Fjällräven Classic Hikeprep is in collaboration with Fjällräven
  • Your subscription runs until the Fjällräven Classic Sweden 2022
  • Payment is monthly
  • Cancellation per month is possible with a notice period of one month.
  • The monthly contribution is € 65 per month.

Fjällräven Classic webinars

Webinar met Jeroen Pel - Nederlands

Hoe is het om de Fjällräven Classic te lopen? Wat kun je verwachten en hoe bereid je je er op voor?

RAYU ging in gesprek met Jeroen Pel, de groepsmoderator van de Fjällräven Classic Official Facebookgroep én enthousiaste hiker van de Classic Zweden: over wat je op deze trail kunt verwachten, wat de sfeer is op de trail, hoe het is om ‘m solo te lopen, hoe je bijvoorbeeld je slaapplaatsen vindt….en wat je de komende maanden kunt doen om je op deze trektocht voor te bereiden! 

Webinar with Jeroen Pel - English spoken

What is it like to hike the Fjällräven Classic? What can you expect and how do you prepare for it?

RAYU invited Jeroen Pel, the group moderator of the Fjällräven Classic Official Facebook group and enthusiastic hiker of the Classic Sweden, to talk about what to expect on this trail, what the atmosphere is on the trail, how it’s about walking it solo, how do you find your sleeping places for example….and what you can do in the coming months to prepare for this trek!